Sasha & Jason • Gotham Hall Wedding Slideshow

Lisa Mapen Rosenhouse -

Love the song -the pictures and Sasha is stunning! Love when Jason first sees her! I guess I love everything!

Ashley DeRosa Harris -


Sasha Cohen -

awwwww love!

Ashley DeRosa Harris -

sash u look so beautiful!!!!amazing all around!!!!

Sara Cohen -

AWWWWW love love love it, just great, beautiful.

Paulina Kirshenbaum -

Great song and amazing pictures and congrats once again love you both!

Sasha Cohen -

SO many great shots of you ill send link to all the photos

Rosalie Newman -

Hey Lisa- Our Cathie just forwarded this to me. I’ve never seen anything like this: brilliant, pretty, handsome, fun and wild! Mazel Tov! 🙂