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42 down and zero to go….. Lauren & Frank ended my 2010 wedding season with one amazing wedding at the One and Only Westmount Country Club.

Facebook Love:

Scott Gunnells -

Great wedding Brad, love the shot on the stone wall….

Dennis Pike -

Great stuff, Brad. I’ve shot at the Westmount about 5 times, and I gotta tell you, you make it look like a whole different venue. That lobby lends itself to some interesting colors, huh?

Tara -

such a fun wedding and such great pictures to show for it!

Laurie -

Awesome photojournalism. Very, very good shots. Very well done. So glad to be a part of such a special day.

Jesse G -

Awesome pictures! Perfectly captured! love everything lit up in purple!

Alan Langley -

stunning – love the last shot.

Marianne Taylor -

She’s gorgeous! I really love the colours and the clarity, and the beautiful storytelling.

Jean Mazac -

Fantastic work. What a beautiful set! I especially love the reception images…the way you captured the light and emotion is magical!

Louie Abellera -

love the third row of images.

Heather -

Gorgeous! That last shot is especially wonderful. <3

nadine austin -

The reception pictures are really good! You captured such fun moments, and good lighting too.

Jakob -

The ring shot is pretty epic!

Thomas Lester -

Great job, Brad (as usual). That ring shot is gorgeous! Love the crowded dance floor shots.

Leah Muse -

Beautiful wedding, love the dancing action shots!

Sachin Khona -

They’ll love and treasure these!! Great shots.. well captured moments!

Rhys -

Killer job Brad. Especially how you just owned all the different colored lights. “Bright purple? Bring it on!”

Paul Rowland -

Awesome wedding Brad. How are you lighting the dance floor? Those reception pictures are great.

Ryan Brenizer -

Great end to a great year. You’ve brought out the hepburn in her in row 3.

Lauren - bride -

Thank you Brad! You were an absolute pleasure to work with! To bad we can’t have you following us around taking pictures for every great occasion. 🙂
You have captured our day wonderfully. It truly was spectacular and we will treasure these photos forever!

Chaba Vigh -

Great wedding photography, also a very symphatic couple! Love the fist image, fantastic detail shot…

vencanice -

Excellent job. My favourite picture is No.2 – couple in the wood.

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Facebook Love:

Daniel Krieger -

Really beautiful stuff Brad you rocked this one!

Marianne Taylor -

All the red is making me feel all christmassy! 😀 Beautiful clarity about these, and you’ve really captured the happiness.

Jakob -

The ring shot looks like it’s out of a magazine. Well done!

Mark Kalwkarf -

Very striking colelction of images. The red on black works brilliantly.

Paweł Słowik -

great colors, beautiful photos and a lot of smiles on the photos

Darko -

Beautiful images and gorgeous colors. The first shot is amazing!

Kat Braman -

great storytelling as always. really love that last portrait on the right.

Brian Kraft -

Very well done! Nice photos with nice rich colors. Great job!

Charlotte Geary -

What lovely images of a beautiful wedding! Your lighting is fantastic. 🙂

Lindsey Baker -

I dont think i’ve ever seen a christmas themed wedding- you did a great job capturing everything!

Ashley Gillett -

great job brad! Love the first look shots. The red detail on the back of the bride’s dress is so cool. Reminds me of Christmas. 🙂

Ryan Brenizer -

I love the idea of a Christmas-themed wedding. She looks stunning, and his expresison in row #3 is absolutely perfect.

Becca Dilley -

Beautiful and totally fun, they must be thrilled!

Heather -

She has a STUNNING smile! I adore the shots of them together before the ceremony. Well done!

adam -

Wonderful photos, the couple seems so happy together.

Fotograf Warszawa -

Great and very live fotos, avesome work done here.