Kristen – Capturing Sparkle Magic Moments

So right now you may be thinking, “But wait a sec, why am I here at Brad Ross Studios?” Not to worry!  I’ll be with you every step of the way. After many years of collaborating, Brad and I have fully joined forces on all things wedding. I’ll be your go-to-gal for GORGEOUS photos and an AMAZINGLY EASY day-of experience, and Brad is your go-to-guy for bookings, payments, and your deliverable of AWESOME images. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get this party started!


All About Kristen



You know what I’m talking about. Those moments that sparkle with a special shine. Those times when you think, “Wow. That was amazing. I wish I had my camera.”

These are the Sparkle Magic Moments. I see them everyday. All the time.

So why choose me, over all those other photographers out there?

Simple. I’ll see your Sparkle Magic Moments too.

How do I do it? Well, that’s pretty simple as well. I’m super relaxed, down to earth, easy going, and genuinely a happy person which makes me pretty likable… You can relax around me and trust that I’m there to deliver for you, to see the beauty that surrounds you, your family, your friends, your pets, your work… you and everything you are and have created for yourself in the present moment.

And that’s the other thing. I pay attention. With my camera in hand, I am super focused, present, and aware. You can trust that I’ll be there, snapping away when it matters most. When your grandmother starts singing Lady Gaga? I’ll be there. When the sunlight hits your face just so, and you’re briefly lost in some soft inner place? I’ll be there too, capturing your quiet smile. I’ll laugh with you. I’ll cry with you. I’ll raise a glass with you at the end of the night. And most likely, we’ll end up being good friends when it’s all over. Cause that’s how I roll.