NJ Wedding Photographers – The Flanders Hotel, Ocean City NJ – Lea & Rob

The Bride and Groom on bumper cars…… Do I really need to say much more than that?

Reception – Flanders Hotel, Ocean City NJ
Wedding Coordinator – Erin Proud of Proud to Plan
Fun and games 🙂 – Castaway Cove

Facebook Love:

Mark Parker - Birmingham Wedding Photographer -

Oh wow!! Love the bright colors! Personalizing their names on the rides is priceless! Great idea!

Paul Von Rieter -

Okay, now that looks like a wedding I want to go to. Pure Happy.

Kyle -

Oh my gosh, Bride jumping on the bed FTW!!!!!

Jeannemarie -

amazing images! that is a wedding i’d like to go to you captured that beautifully. my family used to go to the Flanders Hotel as a kid. miss it sometimes. aloah

Jessica Schilling -

These are awesome! All the ride photos are great – looks like a really fun, happy celebration!

soobum im -

Love the color. I am sure bride and groom would love these images. Very clean images.

matt shumate -

Love love love the entire wedding. Photos aren’t bad either. Great work Brad! 😉

Bobby Ketchum -

Looking good, Brad. That really is a good shot of the two jumping on the bed.

wedding car -

Brad I love the way you shot these pix. The color did you brashed up the color air brushed? Looks really nice. Top photographer you are I think. Should be in Sydney Australia we need photographers like you. Great work. Just love it!

Jared Tseng -

Love the jumping on the bed shot! And is that girl really doing the splits on the dance floor!!! Awesome capture here Brad.

ed peers -

wow – great stuff. Love your perspective and exposures!

Luis Toledo -

Wow Brad, great wedding. They really rocked the boardwalk! Fantastic.

Robb Duncan -

WOW! Love the dress detail at the start, and a perfect finish with the ring shot and toes in the sand.

And everything in the middle is just golden, especially the bride jumping on the bed!!

Tina -

I love this wedding! It looks like so much fun and you did such a great job capturing it!!

Thomas Lester -

This is really really good, Brad. I love everything about it, especially the shots on the boardwalk. Oh… and the ring! Great work!

gabe aceves -

brad you absolutely killed it. those shots jumping on the bed tell the whole story. amazing.

Mary Sylvia -

Oh I love that bed jumping shot, it made my day! Such a fun set of images.

Joshua Gull -

Brad Ross = win! What an awesome wedding.

Kat Braman -

the fair ones are just so cool! and then your dance shots really seal the deal.

Jenny DeMarco -

I met Lea on the plane back from San Juan to Houston! (she was helping me cull the destination wedding photos I had just taken). Couldn’t resist a peak after hearing about the amusement park rides! Amazing photos, Lea you look beautiful. Many congratulations and best wishes to you in Houston! Brad, beautiful images, I just love your composition and the color!

Scott Gunnells -

Great work Brad. Looks like a fun wedding…

Full Moon Farm, Medusa, NY -

The toe shot is incredible.

Heather -

OMG YES. Bridesmaid doing the splits, bride jumping on the bed, and a floating groomsman in a doorway??? WIN.

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